How The European Game Can Inspire Your FM Save

Us Football Manager fanatics are an easily influenced bunch. Almost anything can inspire us to take over and start a new save with a team. It might be an individual player we like, the history of a team or their lack of success in recent years. Heck, even the colour of their kits or what the club badge looks like might persuade us to go them in the game. The thing that makes me want to start a new save the most is reading and one of the best books I’ve ever read for this was Dan Fieldsend’s book, The European Game.  Continue reading “How The European Game Can Inspire Your FM Save”

FM18 Summary

I write this post for my own benefit. My memory of things I did on past games is useless, so I can look back at these posts in years gone by and easily remember what I did on each version of Football Manager.

My FM16 and FM17 versions of this post can be read by clicking those links if you fancy it. Alongside going through my save, similar to last year’s post, I’ll share some community thoughts and how my site has done in general across the FM18 cycle.  Continue reading “FM18 Summary”

FM17 Summary

Ahead of FM17 last year, I wrote my summary of my year on FM16. So ahead of FM18, here’s my FM17 summary post! I said it last year, and I’ll say it again, this post is mainly for me. My memory when it comes to Football Manager, and Championship Manager before it, is utterly useless. You hear so many people on Twitter or on podcasts recalling great tales of brilliant saves they’ve had over the years. Only big things stick out for me as I mentioned in last year’s post, so going forward I hope that documenting my year of playing the game in a format like this will help me to better remember what I’ve done when I look back.

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FM16 Summary and FM17 Plans

I have a really bad memory. I’ve purchased every edition of the game since CM01/02, so when it comes to Football Manager, the years and versions almost roll into one. Some things stick out along the way. My Champions League win with Man Utd on CM01/02, with Djibril Cisse scoring an extra time winner, another Champions League win with Celtic on FM15 (in the first season, I might add. I know, ridiculous right?), I’d struggle to tell you what saves I did in between that though.

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Addicted to Football Manager: @BusttheNet

Everyone enjoying the Addicted to Football Manager series so far? Yeah? Good! Here’s another one for you today! If you’ve missed any so far and want to catch up, there’s links at the bottom of the post. If you want to catch up on what the hell this is all about, best to read my initial post on really being addicted to Football Manager.

Up today is @BusttheNet!

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Addicted to Football Manager: @ed_wilson87

Over the last few weeks I’ve been posting the stories I received from members of the Twitter FM community while I was writing a post on being addicted to Football Manager. Today’s is quite timely, since he sent me his story he’s arguably become even more addicted. Addicted enough to start recording a podcast all about Football Manager. If you haven’t listened to the the Deep Lying Podcast yet, you’re missing out.

He is…@ed_wilson87!

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Addicted to Football Manager: @RealTimeFM

If you missed the last couple of blogs, you can catch up with @ZeGermanFM and @MerryGuido being addicted to Football Manager by clicking on the links in their names.

This series of posts will share some cracking stories of our community being addicted to Football Manager. Today’s is particularly good. He needs no introduction, it’s @RealTimeFM.

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